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Go Switch


Leverless Limit Switches

Rugged. Durable. Dependable. For nearly 50 years, GO Switch leverless limit switches have been built to last in extreme conditions – no matter how hazardous, wet, corrosive or abusive. GO Switches require no power supply and have no arms or levers to break or jam. To eliminate wear and tear, choose GO Switch.

GO Switch – The leader in reliable position sensing for the most demanding plant conditions.

The design behind GO Switch combines the best of all worlds, bringing together the advantages of mechanical limit switches, reed switches and inductive proximity sensors to create a unique, hybrid technology that reaches new heights of performance.

By combining the best of three technologies, GO Switch enjoys a significant advantage, surpassing the capabilities that any of the three could achieve by itself.

As a result, the unique leverless limit switch design enables GO Switch to operate effectively under conditions that are too extreme for other technologies.

So if your plant processes include conditions that are extremely hot, cold, wet, dirty, corrosive, abusive, or explosive, be sure to demand technology with an advantage. Specify GO Switch leverless limit switches.

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