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E Series High Flow Control & Relief Valve

This flow control and relief valve is an energy-saving valve that supplies the minimum pressure and flow necessary for actuator drive. For the High Flow Series, double maximum flow rate [03 size: 125→250 L/min (33.03→66.05 U.S.GPM), 06 size: 250→500 L/min (66.05→132.1 U.S.GPM), 10 size: 500→1000 L/min (132.1→264.2 U.S.GPM)] enables a smaller valve size than conventional products; compact-sized devices can be provided.


EH Series Proportional Relieving & Reducing Valve

These valves consist of a small size but high performance electro-hydraulic proportional pilot relief valve and reducing valve with relief function. The valves control the system pressure proportionally through a controlled input voltage. Moreover, a good response speed in reducing the pressure even at a large load capacity can be obtained with the relief function of the valves.


Two Stage Directional & Flow Control Valve

High Response Type Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control Valves High response, high precision and high reliability are achieved be a combination of a compact and powerful solenoid and a spool-position-detection LVDT. Direct type ELDFG-01/03 and two stage type ELDFG-04/06 (which use the ELDFG-01 as a pilot) are available. Direct Operated Type Directional and Flow Control Valves This product can be interchanged with the simpliffied servo valve to perform position control and pressure control. Compared to nozzle flapper type servo valve, this product has excellent contamination-related problems.


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