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Barksdale Directional Control Valves

For fifty years, Barksdale’s patented Shear-Seal design has been the valve of choice for applications requiring tight shut-off, low pressure drop, high flow rates, and long life. The Shear-Seal principle allows unmatched design versatility. It’s at the heart of our simple panel mount shut-off air valves and our custom engineered automated 10-port injection valves for gas turbines.

The Shear-Seal design passes dirt and debris though the sealing rings instead of across the sealing surface. The basic design feature not only reduces wear, it actually creates a lapping action between the sealing surfaces that results in a valve that “wears in” instead of “out.” In fact, continual use can actually “heal” small scratches in the sealing surface.

Camozzi Manual Valves

Since 1964 Camozzi has focused on Pneumatic Automation, designing and building components and systems increasingly sophisticated, using air as a fundamental means to transmit motion.  Our complete range comprises single components and integrated mechtronic solutions designed to ensure the highest quality and reliability.   For more information, click here.

Rexroth Manual Valves

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