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Goodyear Air Springs

Goodyear  is the world’s leading manufacturer of air springs for vehicular and industrial applications; serving a broad range of industries, including automotive, truck and trailer, industrial, manufacturing, agriculture, packaging, construction and mining. Goodyear Air Springs help these industries by increasing efficiency, reducing vibrations and improving operations. Goodyear Air Springs are constructed to be an incredibly durable option in the market, they contain no moving parts, are friction-free and function in harsh environments to greatly reduce vibrations.  Typical applications include vibration isolation and actuation.

Vibration Isolation – Goodyear Air Springs provide the highest degree of vibration isolation of any isolator on the market. They are versatile and not only work to isolate delicate objects from external vibrations, but are able to support vibrating loads and prevent its energy from disturbing the surroundings. Goodyear Air Springs reduce structural noise, are available in a wide range of sizes, and extend equipment life through their superior isolation capabilities.

Actuation – Goodyear Air Springs have long been used in the industrial market as pneumatic actuators incorporated into new and innovative machinery designs as well as replacement actuators for traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. They have advantages over traditional cylinders in that they are durable, operate well in corrosive and abrasive environments, easily accept misalignment and have a high ratio of stroke to collapsed height.


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