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Master Pneumatic FRL’s


FRL assemblies offer an enormous variety of combinations to fit the needs of almost every filtration, pressure regulation, and lubrication requirement. The FRLs shown in this catalog cover only a portion of these needs in port sizes from 1/8″ to 1-1/2″. Featured are the configurations most widely used, but FRLs in many other configurations are readily assembled.

All standard SENTRY,GUARDSMAN, Full-Size VANGUARD, and SERIES 380 assemblies now include a lockout valve for added safety.

General purpose filter-regulator-lubricator assemblies are the most widely used, but other combinations meet a variety of needs. For example, where air line lubrication is not needed, a filter-regulator combination may be sufficient. This can consist of an individual filter and regulator or a compact integral filter/regulator.

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