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FANUC – Robot End Effector Connection Interface by ASCO Numatics

We are pleased to introduce an interface for FANUC robots to integrate ASCO Numatics valve manifolds. The ASCO Numatics Robot End Effector (EE) Connection Interface endplate makes it quick and easy for system integrators to implement a pneumatics solution on a FANUC robot using our valve manifolds. The new interface eliminates the need for external junction boxes or wire terminations. This reduces the overall implementation cost, reduces the footprint of the solution, and improves reliability.

This EE Interface is compatible with Numatics 500 Series and Generation 20001 valve manifolds.

  • Increased System Flexibility Standardized plug and play solution for the customer (FANUC integrator), which enables a significant reduction in installation time.
  • Reliability and Performance Machine reliability is improved due to fewer external cables, which may be prone to damage.
  • Simplified Component Management A single component replaces multiple parts improving component management, assembly time, and potential for wiring errors.
  • Overall Footprint Reduction ASCO Numatics robot interface endplate has a small footprint due to the fewer number of components.
  • Internal Cable Routing The control signals are routed from the robot’s EE Interface via a single multi-conductor cable (available from FANUC).

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